Twelve Kings in Sharakhai

Bradley P. Beaulieu
Twelve Kings in Sharakhai Cover

Twelve Kings in Sharakhai


Excellent character development, and really deep and interesting world-building

At 583 pages, this is a GRRM-level doorstopper -- but I found the characterization well-done, and the world-building really deep and interesting, so I never found it tedious or felt as though it dragged. It alternates between current-day and flashback chapters, but I thought it did so successfully. I never felt confused about where I was in the timeline.

It's about a clever, feisty young woman who is a superb warrior, and who -- for reasons -- has sworn to kill all of the 12 kings. I am looking forward to the next book in the series, but hoping that the author is not going to pull a GRRM-neverending-saga on me and kill off only one king per book. ;-)

I have also read the short novel prequel Of Sand and Malice Made, and thought it was fantastic; it fills in a bit of back story for the main character. I'm looking forward to the next book, With Blood Upon the Sand, which was just released.

I highly recommend this series.