20th Century Ghosts

Joe Hill
20th Century Ghosts Cover

20th Century Ghosts


The thing with anthologies and collections is there is a lot of mediocre stories, but with this collection by Joe Hill, all the stories were good, not all were great, but they all held my interest.

To me the cream of this crop was "Pop Art." Once the reader gets past the absurdity of the story's premise, this tale in 29 pages wrung emotions out of me, like few stories have.

Most of the stories in this collection are about the relationships between parents and children. It has been fairly well documented that Stephen King, the authors father, spent the majority of Mr. Hill's childhood battling alcohol and drugs. Based on these stories, one has to wonder how this affected a young Joe.

I have felt very hit and miss about Joe Hill's writing, but I truly believe that short stories are where he shines. I look forward to reading more of his short stories.