Once Broken Faith

Seanan McGuire
Once Broken Faith Cover

Once Broken Faith


Anyone who's a fan of October Daye will want to pick this up

A conclave of all the houses of faerie meets to decide whether to allow the use of a cure for the 100-year sleep caused by elfshot--a development which may have deathly consequences for the large number of half-fae, half-human changelings. As usual, murder and mayhem ensue, and Toby must race against time to find out who is killing, and why.

This is another excellent entry in the series, and anyone who's a fan of October Daye will want to pick it up. However, it does not stand alone well; the reader really needs to have the character and event background of the previous books. On the other hand, I don't particularly care for Urban Fantasy or Mythic Fantasy, and I still love this series--so consider this my recommendation for reading them all.

Bonus Novella, "Dreams and Slumbers": After the conclave is over, Queen Arden Windermere in the Mists has a choice to make, and no one to help her make it. This is the story of Arden's attempts to awaken her elf-shot brother, Nolan, from his 100-year sleep. At first, Arden believes that all she has to do is give him the cure, but it's not that simple, because in addition to being elf-shot, Nolan was poisoned--and once he's given the cure for elf-shot, he will die of the poison. Can Arden find an antidote to the poison? And does she really want to wake him up, when she will have to face him with the fact that she has not yet really established herself, or accomplished anything, as Queen?

I thought that this was a great coda to Once Broken Faith, and a great addition to the October Daye universe. It gives the reader insight into, and further character development of, peripheral characters in the series. But like Once Broken Faith, it's really only going to have a good meaning and impact for those who've read the novels in the October Daye universe.