Trailer Park Fae

Lilith Saintcrow
Trailer Park Fae Cover

Trailer Park Fae


In a larger, thematic sense, Lilith Saintrow's Gallow and Ragged series, of which "Trailer Park Fae" is book one, is about those who have a foot in each of two worlds, who can travel in both but belong to neither. Our two main characters, Jeremiah Gallow and Robin Ragged are half human, half sidhe, with talents only possible with their half-blood backgrounds. Most of the remaining cast are some type of faery creature, from the high types to the low: the Queen of Summer, Puck, the Unseelie with their wild hunt, dark dwarves. With a familiar backdrop of faery duplicity and otherworld places aside our own the story appears to be about how you can escape what you are for a little while but it is impermanent, illusory and they will find you.....

As the beginning of a series, which currently runs three books, most of "Trailer Park Fae" sets us up for longer-running story elements, most of which depend on the slow teasing out of character details and relationships. This is a puzzle whose picture-pieces need sorting and some assemblage begun though don't be surprised if nothing remains resolved. Just when you think you know where a precious object is hidden you find that you've been tricked by the shell game one more time. The sidhe are like that; it is in their nature.

Other reviews have mentioned the embellished language of this book, a departure from the author's previous style (and I have read most of the Dante Valentine and Jill Kismet series by Lilith Saintcrow). Bear with it: sometimes it is truly beautiful and carries a certain momentary twist of its own. The style also suits the portrayal of the sidhe as layered yet flawed, beautiful but subtly amoral beings. There is a lot going on here and all the loose ends won't be tied up neatly.