Ancillary Justice

Ann Leckie
Ancillary Justice Cover

Ancillary Justice

Sable Aradia

Read for the 12 Awards in 12 Months Challenge, the Women of Genre Fiction Challenge, and the Space Opera Challenge.

This book won pretty much every freakin' award available to SFF writers:

2013 BSFA Winner
2013 Golden Tentacle Winner
2013 Nebula Winner
2013 Tiptree Nominated
2014 Clarke Winner
2014 Hugo Winner
2014 Locus FN Winner
2014 Campbell Nominated
2014 PKD Nominated

Okay, so that's quite a recommendation! Naturally I had to read it. It was excellent. And it's totally not what you expect.

When you see "space opera" as a descriptor, you think high action adventure novel with the science almost being a secondary factor. That's not what this is. It's a complex mystery and spy novel with a very unusual protagonist. But yes, it's still a space opera novel. Galactic empire, big politics, billions of lives hanging in the balance, complex cultures.

I really can't tell you any more than the blurb did without spoilers, so I won't. I will, however, highly recommend it. If you're a space opera fan, or if you want to know what's going on in the cutting edge of modern sci-fi, and especially if you're looking for great work by female SFF writers, this is for you. If you liked Dune, you'll like this. Can't wait to read the rest of the series!