Dark Matter

Blake Crouch
Dark Matter Cover

Fun multiverse bullshit


Blake Crouch's Wayward Pines trilogy was adapted into a television series, and that shows here too: this is very much a cinematic page turner.

Having read tons of commentary in reviews buzzing about Dark Matter I actually came to it with the wrong expectations, thinking it would be a rather thin, pulpy blockbuster affair. I was wrong.

This is plain and simple excellent scifi with a multiverse story. Granted, it is a page turner, it is fun, and it has an overall light touch, but these things are not a negative in themselves. The prose itself is not the focus, the story is not complex - quite easy even, don't expect to be bedazzled by quantum mechanic jargon - and there's not that many characters. So what?

While Dark Matter is not literary in the sense of the stunning Version Control, it still has a lot of merit - writing a solid, smooth page turner is not simple at all. There's a few bits of truly clever stuff in the book, and especially the final 100 pages make for quite the ride.

What is missing from all the reviews I've read (...)

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