Everything About You

Heather Child
Everything About You Cover

Everything About You


This book is a bit of an odd one. There are parts of it I enjoyed and found interesting, especially some of the near-future VR-tech worldbuilding and roleplaying.

And there are parts which made it difficult to "buy into" the story, such as numerous places where the reader is told in retrospect about the main character's interactions with friends and other people online (some of which have supposedly happened in between the last chapter and this one). Every time I hit one of these I would think: I don't believe this actually happened; this character never interacts with anyone except her roommate, her mother, her boss, and her co-worker.

In other words, the character we see is an absolute loner, and the character who has interactions with other people offstage isn't terribly believable.

There's also some "character makes really stupid decisions in order to enable the author's desired plot points", which tends to irk me.

I think that people who enjoy RPGs would enjoy this novel; others may have a more varied reaction.