A Stitch in Time

Andrew J. Robinson
A Stitch in Time Cover

A Stitch in Time


The life story of Garak, DS9's exiled Cardassian tailor, as written by the actor who played Garak in the TV show. Suprisingly good, it reads as an autobiography of the character, but is grounded in the present as Garak is helping to rebuild his homworld after the devastating attack by the Dominion, as depicted during the series.

Obviously this is geared toward Star Trek (ST) fans, and to DS9 fans in particular, but it is probably as unlike any other ST novel that exists because it is so far removed from all the characters we know, save Garak himself. Because of this, it can be appreciated on its own by those without knowledge of ST events.

Robinson proves to be as good a writer as an actor, and really brings the reader into his worldview and emotions. It adds quality dimension to his character on the show.