Jo Walton
Farthing Cover



I had only read three books by Jo Walton, but she was one of my favorite authors. It seemed she could do no wrong. This book confirms that for me. It was terrific, a powerful tour de force, and it's only the first book in the Small Change trilogy. It takes place in an alternative 1949 England where the country has made peace with the Nazi empire that won World War II and occupies continental Europe. There is extreme prejudice against the Jews in England and a fascist regime seems to be on the horizon. It's a very appropriate read for what's happening in the U.S. today, the whole "it can't happen here" mentality as echoes of fascism creep into the government. It affected me intensely and I could barely put the book down to sleep last night. This book was nominated for multiple awards including the Nebula in 2006.

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