Dark Matter

Blake Crouch
Dark Matter Cover

Dark Matter


I really struggled with my decision of whether or not I liked this book. It is a very fast, easy read thriller with very simply explained quantum physics. It's about a man who is dragged against his will into an alternate universe and when he figures that out, tries to return home. The beginning was suspenseful. In the middle, he enters many of the other alternate universes that were created by different decisions in his past, hoping that each door opened to his home universe. I got pretty bored with that part. The last quarter of the book picked up with an unexpected twist that I found quite fun. And the ending was overly sentimental. So I ended up with mixed feelings about it. This was a book club in exile read, and I'm sure there's going to be a plethora of opinions expressed, because, well, I had a plethora of reactions to it, which is a good barometer of the what the discussion will be like.

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