Orphans of the Sky

Robert A. Heinlein
Orphans of the Sky Cover

Orphans of the Sky


Originally published as 2 novellas, "Universe" and "Common Sense", in Astounding SF (I think). "Common Sense" is clearly a sequel to "Universe", and they really tie together as a fix-up novel. Very very mixed results with turning this work into a novel. Two-headed Joe-Jim is rather over the top, and his henchman "Bobo" is problematic. There is no explanation for the "lost time" when Hugh lives in the low-gravity area with Joe-Jim - and it happens again with Ertz. Some parts very good - e.e., Hugh reading ancient books, and his process of sorting out the directions that expalin how to fly the ship are very interesting.

My rating of one and 1/2 stars is equivalent to "C".

In my rating system, a C - gets one star, and I increase by a half-star with each step up to an A+, which gets 5 stars. A rating of one half star is reserved for bombs... D+ and lower.