The Cyberiad

Stanislaw Lem
The Cyberiad Cover

The Cyberiad


The protagonists are robots, or robotic philosophers, or largely imaginary - hard SF this is not. A collection of stories, very loosely related, with humor and observation of the human condition - the latter frequently not favorable. Perhaps it's the robot perspective, constantly stymied by captcha.

Started reading with daughter, but robots are secondary and it wasn't resonating. Continued occasionally over nearly 4 months. Some stories I'd read before in The Mind's I: Fantasies and Reflections on Self and Soul. For an anthology review, I often share which I liked best, but those were probably 4 months ago. The last few stories weren't as good as the first - or maybe the collection was starting to wear on me.

I may come back to this - or I may not. 3 stars is the rating for now - better than just OK, but as far short of "really liked it".