Ready Player Two

Ernest Cline
Ready Player Two Cover

Ready Player Two: A Novel


Dear Mr. Cline,

You deserve this review because I warned you in my review for your last book, Armada. You have fallen down the "one trick" pony hole.
I knew this story would have 80's references in it, and that was to be expected, but this is three books in a row with this same crutch. Ready Player Two could have been so much more. I saw protentional. I loved the idea of what happens when we get to close to our idols and see their "feet of clay." Why couldn't you have delved more into that aspect instead of creating another cartoon villain to swing a sword at?

Shame on you. I gave this book 3 stars. One of those stars was definitely a pity star!

Tragically and Regretfully,


I'm not even going to talk about that ending.