Into the Drowning Deep

Mira Grant
Into the Drowning Deep Cover

Into the Drowning Deep


My distaste for the writings of Mira Grant are not that subtle or unknown. But she is so popular on Goodreads and in the groups I am in, that I am continuously drawn to reading her books. So I found myself putting this book on my library waiting list. After reading this book, I am willing to forgive her for Parasite, but not for Feed.

Into the Rolling Deep is about the search and eventual discovery of "mermaids." This was a subtle and low key book. There are deaths and they are bloody, but this was far from splatterpunk. I would say this book was almost too sleepy for a horror novel. There was very little jump scare and although the characters were good. I did not feel connected to them in any sort of emotional way. I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would but it will ultimately be forgettable.

This would make a good summer beach read.