Kill or Cure

Rebecca Levene
Kill or Cure Cover

Kill or Cure


Picture it: Back in 2015 towards the end of February, your Goodreads friend, Badseedgirl, developed a cold that quickly turned into what my grandmother would have lovingly referred to as "Walking Pneumonia." In my case it was more of a crawling, staggering, head spinning, "My God how are you still standing" pneumonia. It was during that time I read the first book in the Afterblight Chronicles. (you can see the results here. In addition to the number of atrocious spelling and grammar mistakes, I clearly said I was going to read the next book in the series.... and then completely forgot about the entire matter.

Here we are in 2021 and after accepting the 2021 Mt. TBR Challenge, I have again dipped my toe in the Afterblight Universe with Kill or Cure by Rebecca Levene. Perhaps it was the different author, perhaps it was the intervening 6+ years, but whatever the case I thoroughly enjoyed this wild, unrealistic romp down the Afterblight rabbit hole.

I still love the idea of a virus that attacks only certain blood types. I'll just tell you now, based on blood type, I would have been one of the millions of goners in this book. Did the characters act in any sort of rational way during this book? No, no they did not. Were there some plot holes large enough to drive a cruise ship through? Why yes there were, thanks for asking! All that being said, this was a wonderful summer read with just the right amount of action, pseudoscience, chases, and gunfire to make my bloody-minded heart pitter pat with happiness.

I have already purchased three more books in the series, because apparently the powers that be released a movie based on the next book, School's Out and because I love my Amazon overlords I wanted you to know I found out I can get all three books of Scott K. Andrews contribution to the series for the low, low price of $.99 HERE.

I don't think I have ever put so many links in a review before. I hope you stuck around to the end.