The Black Star Passes

John W. Campbell, Jr.
The Black Star Passes Cover

The Black Star Passes


This is a three-part paean to technocracy, where three, and then four, super-genius scientists solve planetary, interplanetary and interstellar crises with a few rounds of drinks, some smokes and completely accurate speculation as to the problems and solutions they face.

Even better, they propose massive technological solutions to complex problems which get solved in a matter of days by devoted capitalist businessmen, and succeed in mounting both offensive and defensive armadas in a matter of weeks.

Oh, and there are lots! of! exclamation! points!

This sadly dated tale alternates between lengthy intimate discussions between the four super-genius technocrats, and sweeping, broad stroke descriptions of the massive battles against alien craft and fleets.

Worth reading only for the historical perspective it gives on the state of SF at the time (1930).