Invaders from the Infinite

John W. Campbell, Jr.
Invaders from the Infinite Cover

Invaders from the Infinite


Campbell wraps up the trilogy with this continuation of the astonishing adventures of Arcot, Morey, Fuller and Wade. If you want to understand what is going on and the technology Campbell invents, you will need to read the first two book before this one.

In this concluding work, Fuller is demoted to the status of mechanic and constructor, while the other three continue on their astounding journeys. Perhaps Campbell felt four lead protagonists was too diffcult to handle.

The story is about a race that comes to earth to be rescued from destruction by super-powerful aliens. Fortunately, Earth's own super-geniuses are up to the task, and by escaping time completely to develop countermeasure ultimately prevail.

As noted by many others, this entire series is bady dated. In addition, the protagonists are completely one-dimensional, and nearly superbeings in their own right. While this is the most expansive of the three books in story and plot, it is at the same time the laziest, as there is always some simple discovery for Arcot to make that puts them back in the driver's seat again and again.

At best, these three works are a walk down memory lane. And not a particularlly pleasant one.