The Planeteers / The Ultimate Weapon

John W. Campbell, Jr.
The Planeteers / The Ultimate Weapon Cover

The Ultimate Weapon


This is a story of an alien race, looking for a new home, which arrives at the human solar system and decides to purge it of the creatures there so they can occupy it themselves. The present occupants, the humans of Earth, have expanded to other planets and moons, and put up a fight to preserve their existence.

One can see some striking similarities between this work and the novel "Invaders from the Infinite". Characters are extrodinarly one-dimensional and yet incredibly brilliant, making world shaking discoveries just in time to save humanity.

Only in the last few pages are there any hints of introspection or thoughtfulness in any of the characters, and it seems like Campbell felt a little guilty as he introduces an ending that tries to wipe away so much of the bloodshed and destruction.

Certainly of a piece with the previous Arcot, Morey and Wade books. Not particularly different or better written.