Deathworld 2

Harry Harrison
Deathworld 2 Cover

Deathworld 2


This book supposedly takes off where Deathworld 1 ends. In the sense of place and time, it does, but that's it.

The character of Jason dinAlt changes completely, leaving behind psi powers and a glib approach to life, and replacing it with a desperate energy and lectures on absolutism and relativism.

The hero struggles with his captor and has to find a way to survive and escape from captivity, and later slavery, in this desert world survival story. He again uses considerable wit and intelligence, but not the same kind as in Deathworld 1, as though it is a different character with only the name in common.

There is some half-baked ecology discussions in the description of the world and how the primitives survive on it, and more than a little sexism and misogyny, both which are unfortunately consistent with the time this was written.

In summary, still an interesting and engaging story, but not up to the level of Deathworld 1, and not really about the same hero.