Yevgeny Zamyatin
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A must read for anyone in to Dystopian fiction


This is a classic; the original dystopian novel or the Great Granddad of the genre. I ran across this novel randomly while browsing my local bookstore and I am glad I did. It's wonderfully weird and poignant and an easy read too. The novel was written, during the early rise of communism in Russian, you can understand Zamyatin’s fear of the state eroding the individual.

The novel takes place in the future where the One State is separate by the world by a great wall. Citizens are merely numbers and have no privacy. Why would you? No one has anything to hide and Life is organized by the “Table of Hours”. The peculiar novel examines many different themes but is a perfect blend of Sci-fi and Dystopian fiction.

This book is highly recommended to anyone who wants a good weekend read.

*Note: I’ve read two different versions and both translations were excellent.