Wylding Hall

Elizabeth Hand
Wylding Hall Cover

Wylding Hall


I was not enamored with this book. It took a while for me to get into it, and with it being a short novel/long novella, the story was almost over when I felt it got engrossing. I've only read two other books by hand, Winterlong and Waking the Moon. I liked the first and loved the second. I really like how Hand writes, but the story itself is sometimes a little lacking. That's how I felt about this book. Told in an interview format with the surviving members of a British folk-rock band that spent a summer in a haunted house, the writing was very good, but the buildup was lacking. Nonetheless, it won the 2015 Shirley Jackson Award for Novella (a horror award), and was nominated for a Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel.

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