Jade Legacy

Fonda Lee
Jade Legacy Cover

Jade Legacy


I know I've said this a lot lately, but wow! Wow! This book was terrific. I'm glad I read the whole trilogy close together. I was completely invested in the lives of the Kaul family. Reading this book was like coming back to a warm place, even though it's about Mafia-like families where the primary conflict is over the magical Jade and who dominates the Jade trade and thus the economy of the island of Kekon. There's lots of violence and politicking, but it's so well-conceived and executed with amazing character development that I couldn't put it down. I got through this 700+ page book in just over a week, flying through it in basically over two weekends. I would have gotten through it sooner if work didn't get in the way. LOL. This book won the Canadian Aurora Award and the Locus Fantasy Award for 2022.

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