In Calabria

Peter S. Beagle
In Calabria Cover

In Calabria


This is a delightfully written, albeit bog standard story of a cliché rural Italian (Calabrian) farmer and the time that a unicorn comes to give birth on his land. The characters are wihtout exception familiar sterotypes of Italian stories, including even a gangster in the mold of the Sicilian mafia.

Why is the unicorn there? Why does it stay? How is it so vulnerable yet immortal at the same time? You may ask these questions, but you won't get any real clear answers.

Instead, the story is about the transformation the rural farmer goes through in dealing with all the events and people that the unicorn's presence provokes.

All that said, the writer tells the character's stories very well, and you can get a stong feeling for the setting, interactions and connections between the various characters, including a few of the farm animals.

A pleasant bit of light reading.