I Am Legend

Richard Matheson
I Am Legend Cover



CGI sparkles? We don't need that crap. Matheson delivers a character and story that goes Peter Cushing on vampires left and right. Staking vamps, dragging vamps out into the sunlight with meathooks, and just causing mayhem and carnage on the undead populace in general. Action packed non-stop OWNAGE.

Be forewarned it's more of a lone character piece because the rest of humankind was too stupid to survive the undead horde leaving portagonist Neville by himself. I should write a sequel where maybe the quasi-vampires at the end (oops spoiler but I don't give a rat's ass) will repopulate the globe with Neville's DNA to make the next generation of Van Helsing wannabes that skip the whole Duck and Cover deal and go on the offensive.

When Neville isn't delivering OWNAGE to the foul creatures of the night he's in a makeshift lab all by himself over a microscope trying to figure out a cure to vampirism. Because the path of the warrior is a solitary one. Read the book and skip the movie adaptation with The Fresh Prince.

Piss off the Twilight fans. Buy this book. Don't be a punk.