Pebble in the Sky

Isaac Asimov
Pebble in the Sky Cover

Pebble in the Sky


(Part of the review of a three-story collection)

The last story was the best, Pebble in the Sky. The story takes place on earth in the Foundation universe. A man is walking along a street in Chicago in the now, and due to a freak radioactive accident, is thrown far into the future. Earth is now a backwater planet, hated and hating all other planets where humankind has spread and started the Empire. The man gets caught up in a plot by Earthmen and he has to choose who he belongs to, the Earthmen or the humans in space.

This was a classic Asimov for me. I loved being back in the Foundation universe, and seeing references to things I know from the other books. There was a bit too much of a coincidence in this story of people meeting at just the right time, but Asimov does a nice job of putting these coincidences to good use.

All in all I give the collection four out of five stars.