Discount Armageddon

Seanan McGuire
Discount Armageddon Cover

Discount Armageddon


This is my first taste of Seanan McGuire's writing and I'll be back for more! Discount Armageddon is set in New York City and focuses on Verity Price, a member of a long line of cryptozoologists but who loves to dance competitively. The character is a bit silly at times, but eventually I came to understand all her quirks as necessary additions that were explained later.

The world building is what kept me coming back for more and made this so hard to put down. On this Earth monsters, or "cryptids", are real but are mostly just trying to exist in peace. There is a group of monster hunters called the Covenant of St. George that is trying to destroy all cryptids regardless of whether they are a threat to humanity or not. The Price family, once members of the Covenant, long ago realized that not all cryptids are dangerous, and have dedicated themselves to cataloging, preserving, and aiding cryptids.

This is an action-packed ride with plenty of new twists on the old mythologies with sightings of gorgons, lizard-people, and other beings from a wide range of mythologies. Lots of fun and a real page-turner!