War Surf

M. M. Buckner
War Surf Cover

War Surf


Set in a Post-apocalypse world Nasir Deepra is one of the elite. A 248 year old trillionaire to whom technology gives extended life. Most of the 12 billion people on Earth live underground since the planet is too toxic to sustain life. To combat boredom he and his friends tresppas in combat zones a practise known as War Surfing. The combat is between corporate troops and relcaltracent workers and helps to keep down the population.

Humpert Humpert like Deepra's obsessions is really with a 28 year old physical therapist named Sheeba. This causes him to take her to a War Surf on a broken down orbital when disaster strikes.

The pacing of the novel can be glacial at times, the character of Sheeba as something of a bimbo diminishes Nasir and flashbacks of him not having sex with her slows down to pace of the novel. Just goes to show that Lolita as an action novel set in outer space doesn't really work.