Cosmonaut Keep

Ken MacLeod
Cosmonaut Keep Cover

Cosmonaut Keep


Cosmonaut Keep is about 2 tales interwoven. Set on Earth and another world, Mingulay, but separated by time, we learn how humans came to live on this world that is many light-years away. We also learn that the descendants don't have the ability for interstellar travel, but are visited by humans (from Earth) who do. The focus of the story is the history of how it got this way, and how the isolated humans try to acquire interstellar travel again.

There is a range of characters, human and extraterrestrial. The main characters have their share of vices and personal dilemmas. There are humorous social and political discourses. The story moves forward in the two space-time settings, culminating in our understanding of past and present human worlds.

This is the 1st book in the Engines of Light trilogy. For me, it was worthwhile storytelling entertainment. And I liked the social worlds developed by the author. I would think that the conclusion gives the readers several entry points for upcoming stories. I look forward to reading the other books.