A Calculated Life

Anne Charnock
A Calculated Life Cover

A Calculated Life


A fantastic debut by a new author

I can see why this book was nominated for the Philip K Dick Award.

A Calculated Life is the story of Jayna, a genetically-engineered simulant with superhuman powers of analysis and deduction. Ostensibly physically human, simulants are hybrid blends of carefully-selected genes taken from mentally-outstanding human progenitors. However, simulants are "grown" rather than raised -- arriving fully-adult, with only rudimentary social skills and experiences. Though highly-valued, they are not self-determining beings: they are owned by The Constructor, who leases their skills out for exhorbitant fees.

The more wealthy and exceptional humans are able to obtain bionic implants, which make them more intelligent and capable, but not with the superhuman abilities of a simulant. The poor and unexceptional humans are just stuck with their mediocrity.

We follow Jayna as she gradually learns more about humans by observation of them and interaction with them...

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