Adulthood Rites

Octavia E. Butler
Adulthood Rites Cover

Adulthood Rites


The second book in Butler's Xenogenesis trilogy, Adulthood Rites visits with one of Lilith's children, Akin, the first human born male of the great genetic-trade experiment.

This book explores the issues raised in the first book regarding human right of reproduction: Just because humans are genetically doomed to render themselves extinct, does this make allowing them to reproduce moral or immoral?

Throughout the book, we see different scenes favoring both stances...

Philosophical themes can sometimes be brutally boring, but Butler handles this beautifully. Her writing has an eloquent yet straightforward cadence to it that hooks you in to its easy pace.

I actually liked this one better than the firsts book, I think because there was less exposure to the more violent characters.