White Night

Jim Butcher
White Night Cover

White Night


This is book 9 of the Dresden Files. I'd only read Book 1 previously. I seem to have missed the bit where Dresden became a Warden but apart from that I've not really missed out on anything by the looks of it. Having said that I will probably do books 2 - 8 eventually!

I do love books like this. It's easy to read (took me a couple of days), the plot's easy enough to understand (even without the missing 7 books worth of background story) with a enough sideways turns to keep you interested. Dresden's a bit of a nutcase I think and that makes him likeable, not to mention his even nuttier apprentice. She's ace!

All in all, a nice way to spend a lazy afternoon. Nothing too taxing, no supremely original concepts, a nice little mystery to watch being solved and some suspense. Definitely worth a read.