Joe McKinney
Mutated Cover



I never imagined that I would be reading zombie novels, but I have stayed with Joe McKinney for four installments of his Dead World series. The writing can be lazy, but McKinney moves his stories along at a rapid clip and creates engaging characters that are more than zombie chow. You can root for these people faced with this horrendous situation and become involved with their survival.

In this new novel we are eight years into the viral epidemic that has transformed about 95% of the population into flesh eating monsters. Humans have adopted various survival strategies; but, as the title implies, things are about to get worse. One thing I've like about McKinney's story has been its realistic approach to the causes and consequences of the zombie infestation. This new mutation takes the story in a more fantastic direction, which, although I find it unconvincing, certainly creates some fine set pieces of outrageous carnage.

I see that there is already a fifth book out. I guess at this point I am committed to finishing the ride.