Poison Study

Maria V. Snyder
Poison Study Cover

Poison Study


There are books that don't live up to your crazy high, three-years-in-waiting expectations, and there is Poison Study.

Whoa boy, this was good. Insanely good. Poison Study was everything I wanted Girl of Fire and Thorns to be - 3D, interesting characters that were both human and more than at the same time, a wonderfully imagined world, a plot that thrilled, and a romance that burned and taunted.

I fell in love with Posion Study pretty early on. Yelena isn't the sort of character you can ignore. She's brave, smart, and pretty funny in parts. And she's not completely hopeless, or helpless, or oblivious. One of my favourite HF protagonists for a long time. And don't even get me started on Valek, or the supporting characters. Or the chilling, vicious villain, or the surprisingly complex commander. Ugh, I just loved everything.

I need time to read Magic Study ASAP.

To sum: a crazy good high fantasy, with amazing characters, a unique story, and a romance that will steal into your thoughts at every opportunity.