Among Thieves

Douglas Hulick
Among Thieves Cover

Among Thieves


The thing I was most reminded of, while reading Among Thieves, was the Coen Brothers film Miller's Crossing. Which is by no means a bad thing to be reminded of. The book takes place in the criminal underworld - the Kin - and the lead character is a minor lieutenant in one of the gangs. When war threatens to break out in a troublesome district, he is sent in to try to head it off, and things rapidly spiral out of control from there.

It was reasonably enjoyable, but never quite broke through into greatness. Some actions didn't wholly make sense, and some of the background was laid in with a lack of subtlety. It also seemed kind of bitty, not quite able to maintain momentum. But those are really only minor niggles in a fun tale, with a couple of good surprises and an interesting world.

I've given it 3.5/5.