David Walton
Superposition Cover



Going to rate this book based on three factors, then summarize.

As Courtroom Murder Mystery, it felt like Snow Falling on Cedars. Suspense was well maintained, with facts dolloped out as needed. There was even some intrigue from the police department side.

As Primer on Quantum Mechanics, this book works well. In the guise of explaining to the lawyer, jurors, and other non-scientific types, some good analogies are used and Quantum Physics gets a good break down.

As Thriller, this short novel is excellent. I read it in four very busy days, and could have easily finished in an evening.

As a whole, it was quite good, but for me there were rough patches. I had a tough time suspending disbelief in the use of physics, and found some of the character interactions stilted. Plenty of positives though - it is a relatively short and accessible mystery utilizing Quantum physics set in an interesting near-future (smart paper, the large company named towards the end). Creative and definitely recommended.