Rocannon's World

Ursula K. Le Guin
Rocannon's World Cover

Rocannon's World


This is Ursula K Le Guin's debut science fiction novel. The first book of hers that I read was the great Left Hand of Darkness, the fourth in the Hainish cycle of which Rocannon's World is the first. The Hainish cycle isn't a series, per se, and so it really doesn't seem to matter the order in which they are read.

Rocannon's World is science fiction. It has interstellar travel and FTL ships and laser weapons; but it is also high fantasy, with lords and vassals, swords and castles, legends and great flying beasts. The story of Rocannon's World is Rocannon's quest, along with his band of intrepid travelers, for the ansible* of his enemy. Along the way they meet foes that take their toll on Rocannon and his companions. It is an adventure tale, well told and worth the reading.

Having read a number of Le Guins books, including a couple I didn't particularly care for, she has become a favorite author. Now, after reading Rocannon's World, I expect to read all of her Hainish cycle books, and probably quite a few more.

*The ansible is a device that allows instantaneous communication over interstellar distances. As far as I know, it was invented by Le Guin. It is also used by Orson Scott Card in the Ender series.