The Exploits of Engelbrecht

Maurice Richardson
The Exploits of Engelbrecht Cover

The Exploits of Engelbrecht: Abstracted from the Chronicles of the Surrealist S


Engelbrecht is a dwarf surrealist boxer. Surrealist boxers, as a rule, only fight clocks, and, in one of his exploits, Engelbrecht does indeed enter the ring with a grandfather clock. But his exploits are not limited to boxing. Engelbrecht is a member in good standing with the Surrealist Sportsman Club. There, along with his cohorts Charlie Wapentake, Tommy Prenderghast, Nodder Fothergill, his manager Lizard Bayliss, and others he takes part in a panoply of sporting and social activities, all played out in the surrealist vein. Surrealist sports differ from regular sports chiefly in the vast amounts of time and territory they require and the possible body count. In Surrealist Golf, play may last for years and cover continents. Par on the first hole is 818,181. Surrealist Chess is played for keeps with living pawns, knights, bishops, etc. Surrealist Cricket, on the other hand, struck me as neither more nor less baffling that its real-world equivalent.

Maurice Richardson published his Engelbrecht stories in a limited edition in 1950. There was a reprint of sorts in 1970, but both small editions guaranteed obscurity and cult status. The book is now available as an e-book, a format that may see it gain some of the audience it deserves.