The Heir of Night

Helen Lowe
The Heir of Night Cover

The Heir of Night


I enjoyed this book. In many ways it's a traditional coming-into-power epic fantasy, but it has a setting that is different enough to make it stand out.

The Derai are newcomers to the world, relatively speaking. They have been at war with the Swarm for thousands of years, across many worlds, and now they are still trying to hold the line on this world. Things have not been going well, the alliance is fractured, but the Swarm have been quiet. Until now. Obviously.

The story follows Malian, the heir of the house of Night, as the Swarm attack the weakened Derai stronghold.

I found the beginning a bit clumsy, trying to get too much information across too quickly, but I guess that's the risk of straying too far from familiar tropes. The action is engaging and the story raises a lot of questions I want to have answered.

I didn't outright love it, but it's quite likely I will continue with the series.