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Armada: A Novel


A Letter to Ernest Cline Author of Armada

Dear Mr. Cline:

Let me start out by saying I just adored Ready Player One. Don't believe me? Here is my review

But I just finished reading your latest novel Armada, and frankly I'm concerned. I'm afraid you may be taking the whole 80' nostalgia thing to far. You seriously run the risk of being labeled a "one trick pony."

I'm not really sure that it would be fair to identify you as one just yet. The problem with your novel is that the first third of the book is 80's reference, after 80's reference. It gets to be too much, especially for those of us who read (and in my case adored) your first book. Once the aliens invade, you smartly drop most of the by then clichéd references and proceed with a great story, but unfortunately several people will have written the book off before they get to that point. I am an incredible fan of your works. And I understand your love of the 80's. I saw your interview for the documentaryAtari: GameOverby Zac Penn. I saw true passion in that interview.

Please consider this letter a notice, I will be watching your next work closely. Please, please, please for the love of my swatch watches, don't disappoint your fans. Give us something new.



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