Rogue Moon

Algis Budrys
Rogue Moon Cover

Rogue Moon


Being about an early exploration of the moon makes it sci-fi, but the central portion of this book is primarily a character study. The two main characters (Hawks and Barker) are men driven to succeed; a third character identifies them (and himself) this way but is soon cast aside. Two female characters are paper thin, the second existing primarily so one of the main characters can talk about his feelings - something that wouldn't be done with other men apparently.

I found the tech interesting and the morality discussion intriguing; I couldn't develop a solid interest in the psychological back and forth. Reads primarily like a screenplay, and the right actor would make these passionate lines indeed -- the actor in my head would have been dismissed during the audition.

How did Barker's attempt to return end? Unspecified mystery. Would like to discuss this book with somebody who loved it, but this story just wasn't for me.