Dreaming Death

J. Kathleen Cheney
Dreaming Death Cover

Dreaming Death


Shironne Anjir is a 17 year old blind girl who is gifted with augmented psychic senses. She is telepathically linked to Mikael Lee, a member of the royal guard, who dreams of murders as they are occurring. Shironne experiences the same dreams as Mikael and is able to provide additional details that lead to the apprehension of the murderer.

The author has created an imaginary land that is rich in history and culture, so much so that a lot of the book is devoted to back story and world building. Storytelling and character development often were overshadowed by all the detailed explanation of the city of Noikinos. Also, the author often violated the "show don't tell" rule and the book read more like a history textbook instead of a novel.

However, the author has certainly begun what could be a strong series. Now that the groundwork has all been laid, I suspect the second book may be better than this one. There are certainly a lot of aspects of Noikinos that could lend themselves to some very interesting plots.

"Dreaming Death" was a 3-star read for me -- it was good and I liked it, but overall it was just rather mediocre and forgettable.