The Forever Machine

Frank Riley, Mark Clifton
The Forever Machine Cover

The Forever Machine


Until recently, this book was the very worst of the very worst novels ever to receive a Hugo (or Nebula, for that matter). In recent years, Three-body Problem by Cixin Liu is giving it a run for last place - I very much doubt that I will ever reread them again to assess whether one should truly rate lower than the other.

Alternate title: They'd Rather be Right

I gave this novel 1/2 star because there are no lower ratings available!

If you like Mark Clifton - you might try Eight Keys to Eden or When They Come from Space. I read them back in grade 8 or so.

My rating system: I start with one star being equivalent to a rating of "C -". I then go up, one step at a time, to 5 stars being equivalent to a rating of "A+". I reserve 1/2 star for BOMB - there being no option of zero stars, or negative stars.