Of All Possible Worlds

William Tenn
Of All Possible Worlds Cover

Of All Possible Worlds


This is a decent collection of short stories by William Tenn, and has been added to the "Classics of Science Fiction" list by Harris and Bernado. I found it on the list of "Defining Science Fiction books of the 1950s", where I am reading one book per year as part of a challenge.

Going to try something new to review this anthology of 7 stories - title and brief likes or dislikes.
"Down Among the Dead Men" - liked the setup, loved the resolution.
"Me, Myself and I" - loved the time travel and the ending.
"Liberation of Earth" - liked the setup, didn't like the style
"Everybody Loves Irving Bommer" - didn't like the plot
"Flirgleflip" - liked the characters, loved the time travel
"The Tenants" - loved the characters, loved the resolution
"The Custodian" - didn't like the name dropping or the plot