The Wind Through the Keyhole

Stephen King
The Wind Through the Keyhole Cover

The Wind Through the Keyhole


It has been several years since I read "The Dark Tower" series, Mr. Kings foray into the world of fantasy. It has not been so long ago that I have forgotten how truly pissed off I was by the ending. So when this book was released in 2012, I was still irked enough that I decided not to read this book.

As the saying goes "Time heals all wounds." and I can now stamp finished on "The Dark Tower" series.

This is a story within a story told by Roland to his ka-tet during one stormy night. It tells just a little bit about Roland's life as a young gunslinger. It was nice to come back to this world, and the story (or stories) told was a good one.

I'm glad I finally read this last book in the series. This is the way I would like to remember the gunslinger, sitting around a campfire with his ka-tet, telling stories and if not happy per se, at least at rest and content.