A Hymn Before Battle

John Ringo
A Hymn Before Battle Cover

A Hymn Before Battle


I have heard that Jim Baen fired the screener who first read this book and rejected it. I agree with Jim. The novel has some of the rough edges of a new author's first work, but it has all the elements I want if I'm going to start a new military SF series.

And this is a great kickoff to what ended up being a great milSF series. It's got world-building & action; 1-2 dimensional good & not-so-good aliens; 0-dimensional Aliens-Who-Must-Be-Defeated with lots of action; the requisite sexism & right-wing views; and lots of action.

I initially tried to write a more duplicitous review that would inflict revenge on all the pansies here at WWE who convinced me to read Flowers for Algernon. And A Handmaid's Tale. And Ancillary Justice (actually, that one was not so bad - it was all the feminist reviewers on GR that made me barf.) But I'm just too honest.

So, when you've finished The Shiva Option and want more spider/crocodile/mantis-like Aliens-Who-Need-Antimatter-Induced-Extinction, pick this one up. You'll like all the action.