Neal Stephenson
Seveneves Cover

Seveneves: A Novel


Seveneves is hard science fiction with the science front and center, while the characters and story take a backseat. Stephenson's novels usually have really cool ideas, and the novel does not disappoint on that account. I had never considered what would happen if the moon spontaneously broke up, and the intense level of detail lavished on the development of the orbital habitat program made the aftermath feel surprisingly plausible. While I enjoyed the science, I felt that the latter part of the book seemed rushed and the ending was too sudden. There was also not all that much to hang on to in terms of character arcs, especially since the cast changes completely after a large time jump. For my part, the interesting ideas were more than enough to keep me reading, despite my complaints. I hope we never actually lose our moon, so that we only ever have to consider this as an interesting hypothetical situation!

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