The Nightmare Stacks

Charles Stross
The Nightmare Stacks Cover

The Nightmare Stacks


A nice change of scenery and of character perspective in the Laundry Files universe

The discovery of an eldritch computational algorithm has turned a bunch of bankers into vampires. One of them is recruited to work for the Laundry Files organization (alternative: permanent death), and assigned to set up a new headquarters in their hometown, where their parents are still living. But the alternate-universe eldritch demons have their own plans.

I give the author kudos for continuing to switch up this series--and honestly, this is a pretty damn good book, for all that it features vampires (about which I generally do not care to read). There's a nice change of scenery and of character perspective. Fans of the Laundry Files series will definitely want to pick this one up. Readers who are not familiar with the series will want to read the earlier books first.