Andy Weir
Artemis Cover

Artemis: A Novel



One thing which has impressed me with this and his last outing (The Martian) was the voice of the narrator. Both are solid and identifiable.

But that brings me straight to the main quibble: to make the plot of the novel work, he basically imported the s*** we do now. Now it's just on the moon.

Older SF actually tried to envision a space faring society that was human, but different. Not this. Same old S***. Which, basically, is the way it has to be or the plot doesn't work. If he chanced society in any meaningful way, then the plot becomes something else and certainly an entirely different novel.

Once I got over this hurdle, then the story unfolded at breakneck speed into the familiar patterns of a little side job that goes sideways in a hell of a hurry, and how our main-character smart-ass gets herself out of it.

It's fun, quick, and the science doesn't slow us down.

I nominate Matt Damon as Dale, the good (former) friend that steals Jazz's boyfriend.