Michael Johnston
Soleri Cover



This complex fantasy novel chronicles the story of the king Arko-Hark Wadi, his wife Sarra Amunet, who is a priestess of the sun god, their three children, and the kingdom they rule that is slowly unraveling as decades of secrets are revealed.

The author has built an immersive world that is truly epic in scope, with elements of Egyptian history, myth, and religion. Conspiracies, betrayals, and cruelties abound in the multifaceted plot. The story evolvement and the character development are well done. The writing quality is solid, with strong prose and vivid descriptions.

I admit I never experienced any "wow" moments, in either the story or the execution of it, but Soleri is clearly a novel that the author spent a great deal of time crafting. It is a step above many cookie cutter fantasy novels and I look forward to more novels set in this unique world.

Rating: 4 Stars