The Bone Clocks

David Mitchell
The Bone Clocks Cover

The Bone Clocks


This book develops like a flower; it starts off closed and unremarkable, it opens only slowly and it's not until it's in full bloom that you see it's true beauty.

This is probably an imperfect metaphor in many respects, but it's what I was thinking at about the 60% read point in this book. And, it really did take about that long for me to begin to understand the book and to realize what was going on. But, throughout, I was always impressed with what a well written book this was.

Although I was confused and unsure in the beginning of this book, I was equally delighted and enthralled by the end. This, in my opinion, is a great book easily on a par with something written by Neil Gaiman, one of the finest authors of whom I am aware.